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Digital Horizon Co .
First leading company for pay TV in Syria since 1992 .
the largest distributor for pay TV services in Syria.   It represents many pay TV bouquets available in middle east including Showtime, Orbit, ART, Pehla, Firstnet, Star Select,Aljazeera Sport,Abu Dhabi Sport and more.

Our Wide range of products and services are designed to cater for the needs of individual and corporate subscribers.

Our aim at DHC is to be consistent in our ability to offer fast, reliable and high quality services to all our clients.

We have a lot of  Sections in our company such as:
1- Sell and support pay TV cards and subscriptions2- Trading in local and satellite TV receiving electronic equipments and accessories.
3- Installing and servicing satellite receiving services for individuals and central buildings (hotels, companies homes, offices..)

and we’ve opened many branches in many Syrian cities and we have very good sub dealer network  in Syria

We’ve made a very good relation with our clients and customers support  .

and we established and support many pay TV packages  (Showtime , ART , First Net , Pehla, Abu Dhabi Sport, Aljazeera Sport. …. ) subscription from 1996 as exclusive agent

in 2007 We are exclusive for “Technisat Digital S.A Germany” in Meddile East . Sell and support SkyStar DVB PC Cards

in 2010 Now we are  Dealers for Abu Dhabi Sport Network . and ART Network  as exclusive Dealer in Syria.
We are looking forward to develop our activities and keep in touch with the latest technologies in our field of business,

Showtime Orbit Network OSN is the leading Pay TV network in the region, broadcasting the very best and latest, presenting an international selection of award winning series and movies aired one full year before any other channel. Showtime exclusively presents premium Sport channels including the world’s most popular English Premier League and a selection of the top kids, music, documentaries, and news channels.

ART (Arabic Radio & Television) most popular tv bouquets in the Middle East. It is considered the first Arabic entertainment covering the latest in world of sports, specialized in broadcasting live coverage of the major international sporting events in both Arabic and English by well known commentators. ART owns the largest Arabic film library (more than 2000 movies) ranging from Comedy, Romance, Action, etc. The library consists of both old (black & white) and newly released movies. Therefore, the ART movie channels are refreshing the viewers experience by showing different movies.

Firstnet presents a wide range of English movies and top international sport channels along with leading documentaries, and international news channels.

Pehla brings a selection of 42 channels of the latest in Indian entertainment from movies, series, music, and live telecast of premium cricket series.

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