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OSN is the leading Pay TV network in the Middle East and North Africa broadcasting the very best and latest Blockbuster Movies through its exclusive deals with the leading Hollywood studios including Paramount, Dreamworks, Sony Columbia, NBC Universal, Disney and local producers; exclusive Premium Sports including the world’s most popular football league the Premier League, the Rugby World Cup and other major sporting events; and the best International Series and shows including Desperate Housewives, Lost , Prison Break, Heroes, 24 and Ugly Betty to name just a few, first on TV and one full year before any other channel.


OSN Arabia owns and produces 75 premium channels branded SHOWCINEMA, SHOWMOVIES, SHOWSPORTS, SHOWSERIES, SHOWCOMEDY, SHOWKIDS and SHOWSHASHA. and more… They acquire, produce and package the best programs to deliver an exciting and broad range of programming to meet all of the family’s entertainment needs. These premium OSN channels are complemented with their selection of International partner channels including global brands like Disney Channel, Cartoon Network,  CNBC, and MTV amongst others….

In addition to providing the best and latest programming OSN is continuously introducing innovation to improve the customer viewing experience. With SHOWBOX OSN HD digital video recorder and SHOWGUIDE 7 day electronic programming guide ,OSN offer the latest in advanced technology to allow customers to choose what they want to watch, when you want to watch it, at the touch of a button. Additionally OSN’S PARENTAL CONTROL features allow customers to choose what programs and channels can be viewed. and many many more..

2014  الباقات والقنوات المتوفرة ضمن شبكة قنوات أوربت شوتايم الجديدة

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shadow curl OSN شبكة أوربت شوتايم
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